What happens when a brand with half a century of history as an American institution and a huge portion of the country that has begun to use its name as a rally cry, realizes it needs to transform in order to grow with the world on the horizon and truly affect change? See how our strategy informed a new visual system that honors that history, excites employees and affiliates and provides room for growth to propel the brand into the future of advocacy.

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UnidosUS (formerly NCLR-National Council of La Raza) is the largest and oldest Latino-American advocacy organization in the country. However, in 2016 they were quickly realizing a need to transform, both in name brand and how they pursued advocacy, outreach and governmental policy. They needed a name and a brand that positioned their audience and organization as fundamentally American, while still honoring a proud heritage without alienating audiences on either side of that line. They landed on UnidosUS along with a unique logo, but had no idea where to go from there in order to catalyze this change throughout every facet of their organization and network.

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We first did an exhaustive audit of every existing piece of branded entity or content, determined what needed to stay and what needed to be combined and how to restructure the entire system as well as naming conventions. Once we had solid streamlined brand architecture to work with we began to research, develop and iterate design concepts founded in the organization’s history and culture that were simple and recognizable enough to work in a modern digital/mobile environment but retained a positive energy and provided room for growth and evolution, all while supporting and strengthening the visual aesthetic of the new brand.

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Once we landed on this direction for the most fundamental assets of UnidosUS’s organization, we began to grow the iconographic and illustrative sets while also developing more extensive and elaborate uses and styles for larger branded campaigns, projects and events.
We also developed ways this new language worked in the physical world as well as how it might be seamlessly combined with other visual assets and styles such as photography.

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“We are entering our next 50 years with a new name, a new brand and as committed as ever to our mission of building a stronger America by creating opportunities for Latinos.”
– Janet Murguía, President & CEO

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All the while job #1 was cohesion, consistency and driving affinity and recognition for the mother brand of UnidosUS. We were able to develop multiple assets and brand extensions such as their first annual report under the new identity, a brand mark to celebrate their 50th anniversary, full campaign and event branding for their series of annual events including their annual conference and family expo in both the last two years, as well as multiple smaller initiatives such as the power of 18 in 2018 to register and get new voters out in landslide numbers affecting a major power shift in national government, to name a few.

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New Latino voters registered thanks to The Power of '18 campaign.


DACA recipients renewed their status through the Campaign for Equal Opportunity.


Spike in Latino U.S. citizenship applications through the 2017 Annual Conference & Family Expo.

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