Image is everything, and Spiceworks needed one that conveyed the power of their massive, borderless, and collaborative networking platform made up of more than 5 million IT professionals. The Weinheimer Group worked step by step with their leadership team to identify a logo and messaging that properly positioned them as an industry champion with plenty more bandwidth to grow.

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The Spiceworks global community is made up of more than 5 million IT professionals who rely on their software to network and procure services. Spiceworks enlisted The Weinheimer Group’s help to ensure they were positioned correctly as they grew into a globally recognized innovator and technology brand. With more than 3,000 vendors and a second headquarters in London, Spiceworks needed an image that conveyed international leverage. The new branding also needed to home in on the power of Spiceworks' platform to prompt collaboration beyond borders.

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First, we collaborated with key decision makers to define Spiceworks’ goals, challenges, and mission throughout the expansion. Through an audit of existing assets, properties, entities and equities, we began to develop a cohesive and intuitive brand architecture that could be easily understood anywhere on the globe.

Once we knew what Spiceworks was, structurally, we shifted our focus to who they were, culturally. Next up was messaging. We created an overall framework that aimed to quickly delineate a brand definition, purpose, promise, mission, core values, and vision. One of our top priorities through this process was to ensure everyone who had a hand in building Spiceworks was in agreement about the brand’s new path.

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Making sure everyone was in sync with each new step, The Weinheimer Group worked with Spiceworks design team to launch an exploratory mission for a new in-depth, multi-iterative logo. Once we landed on two marks that fit the bill, we teamed up with Spiceworks research and marketing teams to conduct focus groups, testing, and legal review. In the end, we helped internal design teams land on a new logo that represented the newly defined brand as a differentiated, disrupting innovator, but still resonated with both their IT professional and technology marketing audiences, old and new.

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