One|Seventeen Media

When One|Seventeen Media, an EdTech/MedTech SaaS-based mental health & analytics platform for kids needed their first fully integrated digital marketing communications strategy they turned to us to tap our vast healthcare and digital strategy expertise to lead the way forward.

AI-Brand Strategy
Integrated Marketing Planning

When the co-founders of One|Seventeen Media were ready to go to market with the latest versions of their social emotional learning (SEL) SaaS solutions for students, they needed a digital marketing strategy to a) get their first-ever crowdfunding campaign launched with iFundWomen, and b) a fully integrated marketing communications strategy to reach school administrators, teachers, parents and ultimately students.

“Tim and the team are an absolute pleasure to work with. I can always count on them to be very prescriptive and deliver exactly what we need.”
– Beth Carls, CEO, One|Seventeen Media

One|Seventeen Media

One|Seventeen Media wanted an innovative new communications planning road map that delivered on the PESO model of paid, earned, shared and owned media that would be cost-effective and measurable across all mediums. We did just that – from crowdfunding campaign and Texas PTA annual conference experiential activations to look-alike audience social paid strategies informed by in-depth social listening and influencer identification.

Our plan also delivered a new brand storytelling video ‘Safer Schools with ThinkingApp and reThinkIt!’ (in partnership with Hahn Public Communications) that tells the powerful and moving story of how co-founders Beth Carls’ and Amy Looper’s product prevented a potential school shooting along with their vision for making safe schools a reality.

One|Seventeen Media’s digital mental health & analytics platform helps kids process difficult social emotional and mental health problems using AI-driven chatbot assistants. It evaluates, learns and provides in-depth, real-time personality insights about often complex issues regarding a child's emotional and mental state, so adults can quickly assess kids' needs to provide appropriate preventative, as well as, real-time early behavioral interventions for children both at school and at home.