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We understand the challenges businesses face when starting. Or pivoting. Or just navigating an evolving marketplace. And we also understand how technology is the backbone of it all no matter the industry. Here’s a snapshot of some of our success stories.


Virtual Care for Kids

Urgent Care for Kids has enjoyed success as Texas’ largest pediatric care clinic chain since 2011 and was the first brand in the nation to launch on-demand virtual pediatric care in 2018. On the leading edge of America’s telemedicine revolution, Urgent Care for Kids reached out to The Weinheimer Group to help them solve their virtual service naming, brand identity, and integrated brand and digital go-to-market communications strategy.

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Think back to a simpler time for America’s workforce: Where business deals were sealed with a handshake and your paycheck was on the boss’ desk every Friday at 5pm. Before zlien, the common payment process within the $1 trillion-dollar construction industry remained stuck in the past. A wave of technology and bureaucracy swept simplicities away and created a bullish environment between payers and payees that often left either without a paycheck in hand. The debilitating mounds of red tape fueled zlien’s data-driven solution to make sure everyone gets paid on time.

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The Spiceworks global community is made up of more than 5 million IT professionals who rely on their software to network and procure services. Spiceworks enlisted The Weinheimer Group’s help to ensure they were positioned correctly as they grew into a globally recognized innovator and technology brand. With more than 3,000 vendors and a second headquarters in London, Spiceworks needed an image that conveyed international leverage. The new branding also needed to home in on the power of Spiceworks' platform to prompt collaboration beyond borders.

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One Seventeen Media

When the co-founders of One|Seventeen Media were ready to go to market with the latest versions of their social emotional learning (SEL) SaaS solutions for students, they needed a digital marketing strategy to a) get their first-ever crowdfunding campaign launched with iFundWomen, and b) a fully integrated marketing communications strategy to reach school administrators, teachers, parents and ultimately students.

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UnidosUS (formerly NCLR-National Council of La Raza) is the largest and oldest Latino-American advocacy organization in the country. However, in 2016 they were quickly realizing a need to transform, both in name brand and how they pursued advocacy, outreach and governmental policy. They needed a name and a brand that positioned their audience and organization as fundamentally American, while still honoring a proud heritage without alienating audiences on either side of that line. They landed on UnidosUS along with a unique logo, but had no idea where to go from there in order to catalyze this change throughout every facet of their organization and network.

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