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November 29, 2018

Using AI to Power Brand Identity


Here's three ways AI can help you make smarter branding decisions.

As the general business environment shifts its focus towards enhancing the customer experience, businesses must take a more in-depth approach to their branding strategy. This involves constructing successful customer experiences both online and in person in order to build recognition and reach specific target audiences.

Yet another fantastic way artificial intelligence can help brands is by powering the construction of their brand identity. AI gives businesses the opportunity to get a better understanding of themselves from their perspective and the perspective of their customers. As a result, they can build “smarter” brand identities that enhance the customer experience and speak directly to their target audience.

Here are three ways AI can be used to power brand identity:

1. Smarter Visual Branding

Although brand identity goes so much deeper than what’s on the surface, visual branding still plays an important role in attracting the right audience.

AI can help develop “smart” logos, websites, color palettes, and other graphic design for businesses. For example, some AI technology can create logos based on simple questions and queries about a brand's identity. AI also assists the graphic designer by performing medial tasks and providing useful tips and tools. For example, AI can manage the resizing, cropping, and correcting images while the designer focuses on the creative.

2. Better Personalization to Drive Action and Satisfaction

From the inside working out, AI can uncover deep insights into customer desire on a group and individual level. This information can be used to personalize their experience. AI can predict future customer behavior based on their past actions. For example, some AI technology can recommend giving a customer a 15%, 20%, or 30% off their next order based on the likelihood that they will make an additional purchase given the discount.

From the outside working in, AI can support the customer experience by enabling it to move faster and more efficiently. Chatbots improve the customer service process by handling minor customer questions and concerns, allowing customer service representatives to focus on more difficult requests and questions. Note: If incorrectly designed and implemented, chatbots can actually cause more customer frustration. A lengthy testing period is recommended when implementing a chatbot to ensure its effectiveness.

3. Stronger Company Culture

The core of a company’s culture reflects in everything they do, including online and in-person employee-customer interactions. AI can help to develop an ideal company culture by enhancing specific processes.

AI can use data from different inter-business communication channels and targeted surveys to analyze the current culture that exists. Managers can develop strategies to support their ideal company culture while working within the company culture that already exists. AI can also be used to track their progress towards this ideal.


AI simply makes the process of getting to know your company and your customers “smarter.” In other words, AI takes the “guesswork” out of building a brand identity. As a result, you can create a more consistent brand identity that clearly communicates your brand promise to customers and internal audiences alike.

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